Pissed off Engineer

9 10 2008

One of the things that I hate on some professionals such as doctors, IT professionals, lawyers and economists is their tendency to speak about their areas of knowledge using very specific acronyms and terms, making simple concepts impossible to understand.

My father always said to me that a good professional can make complex things seem simple and easy. A good example is gymnasts, who make all those pirouettes seem very easy… as if they didn’t spend weeks or months to master each one of those moves.

When I first saw the cheque below, I wondered if this engineer wasn’t pissed off with the same thing. I loved the way he was mathematically correct and at the same time gave a hard time to whoever got the cheque (and the bank!)

Absolutely loved it! Hope you guys enjoy it as well…




One response

13 08 2013

Just where did u actually acquire the tips to compose ““Pissed off Engineer
| Daniel’s Blog”? Thanks ,Elvis

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