Problem solved! No more foil needed in your pocket!

10 10 2008

When I sent an e-mail to friends and colleagues about reactivating the blog, some of them wrote to me asking about privacy and RFID.

RFID wallet has a Faraday cage emdedded into it!

RFID wallet has a Faraday cage emdedded in it!

While getting up to date on the topic I found something amusing. The “Think Geek” website is selling a “RFID Blocking Wallet”, which is like a normal wallet but with a Faraday cage embedded in it. This way any RFID chips in your credit cards or ID are protected against readers that might try to get personal information without your knowledge.

Although I am not buying one (I don’t have any RFID enabled devices in my wallet) I couldn’t help finding it an interesting gadget for paranoid geeks. And don’t we all have a bit of paranoia an geekness?

More info at the Think Geek Website

Update: They also have a passport holder that blocks RFID! This one seems a bit more useful to me! 🙂




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4 12 2010

Yep, all good – and definately useful in terms of raising general levels of awareness about contactless technology. If others would like to learn more there’s a superb range of (pretty balanced I must say) PDF case studies – at my blog. Here’s the link for what it’s worth:

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